LivePerson Review


Chat (one on one, one on many)

As we’d expect, LivePerson offers one-to-one and one-to-many chat sessions before the operator and visitors. An operator can take on as many visitors as he feels comfortable with. LivePerson stores chat sessions for up to 13 months so an administrator has ample time to review previous sessions and evaluate operator productivity.

Website monitoring

LivePerson provides real-time website and visitor monitoring features. An operator sees each visitor based on several information fields on the home screen. Geo-location via IP addressing, page(s) currently being viewed, time spent on site, referrer URL, referrer keywords, and so on. The only feature we found lacking in this department is a website statistics summary.


Proactive invitations are supported. Pop-up invitations are sent automatically (through pre-defined rules) or manually.


LivePerson has a basic spell checker feature.

Supported platforms

LivePerson works with the Windows OS.

Canned Responses

Operators can create, edit, and delete canned responses. A canned/premade response is sent to the visitor at the click of a button.


One small downside of the LivePerson service is the absence of a dedicated pricing page on their website. You have to contact support and have someone call you in order to get a quote from them. From a sales/marketing point of view, this is ingenuity on their part since they’d have all your details without making a sale, it isn’t so good for comparison shoppers who do not want to waste so much time reviewing a particular service before signing up.

Additional features

Co-browsing – LivePerson offers a co-browsing feature.

Pre-Chat/Post-Chat survey – Pre-Chat provide a short briefing on what the visitor wants before initiating chat. Post-chat surveys are mainly useful to the administrator who wants to determine the level of help his operators provide.

Block Abusive Chatters – Abusive chatters can have their IP addresses banned by an operator.

Chat Transfer – Chats are transferred to another operator in charge.

Third-Party integration – LivePerson supports third-party integration with, NetSuite, Google Analytics, and other CRM providers.


LivePerson includes in-built support for LiveAnalytics for conversion tracking, automatically and manually generated reports for operator performance, chat transcripts using preferred search variables.


Chat buttons, invitations and chat windows could be customized to fit your brand.

Multiple Site support

LivePerson does not provide multiple site support.

Multiple Languages support

LivePerson provides multiple language support. Chat buttons, windows and several aspects of the services are editable to suit language preferences.

Security (Encryption)

McAfee assures customers of a secure chat session with SSL encryption.

Customer Support Representative Performance

You can reach LivePerson’s customer support via phone, email, and live chat. The operators that handled our requests were very helpful and provided explanatory information on several aspects of the software. We felt comfortable asking questions and the professionalism on their part was top-notch.

A flash demo is also available for new customers to get accustomed to the software and its features.